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Tax Planning Services in Manhattan, NY

A particularly difficult element of running a business is proactive planning for tax season. Accurately predicting the tax liabilities you may face and tax benefits you might qualify for is important to running a business successfully, so finding an accountancy firm with a thorough grasp on tax law is vital. Melzer & Associates, CPAs, PC can fulfill the tax planning needs of businesses in New York, including Manhattan and Long Island. 

Customized Tax Plan

No two businesses are alike. A technology company will have different liabilities, credits, and deductions than a real estate corporation would,  and so a business in one industry would need a different tax plan than a business in the other field. 

Our Manhattan CPAs understand this, and so we create customized tax plans to help you minimize any tax penalties and maximize any tax benefits you may experience. Real estate companies, for example, may overlook the importance of the TC-201 form that property owners have to fill out. For enterprises within the real estate industry, the real estate CPAs at Melzer & Associates can examine the requirements of the form with you and help establish the best plan that address possible complications caused by the form. Technology companies, garment district businesses, and more can expect the same dedicated, customized service from our dedicated team of accounting and tax professionals.

Year-Round Tax Planning Support

The custom tax strategy developed by our Manhattan CPAs is designed to adapt to changes in your business throughout the year. By providing professional support and guidance year round, our team is able to revise your tax plan as your business changes, allowing you to minimize and avoid tax penalties at all times. Should you company’s tax situation undergo any changes that affect your tax liability, such as gaining enough employees to be affected by the fifty-employee annual filing, our Manhattan CPAs can help you react to these changes appropriately.  

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Melzer & Associates, CPAs, PC can help plan for the tax liabilities of businesses in Manhattan, Long Island, and the rest of New York City. To learn more regarding our tax planning services, our tax services overall, or other ways we can help your business, call our Manhattan CPAs today.

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