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Internal Control Services in New York

In today’s competitive business environment, situations often arise where executives and managers neglect internal financial controls. This oversight could be due to a lack of time and resources to evaluate their practices thoughtfully. Unfortunately, in these cases, business leaders unwittingly expose themselves and their organizations to potential losses.

At Melzer & Associates, CPAs, P.C., we offer internal control assessment services for the businesses of Manhattan, Long Island, and the greater New York City area, which are designed to help organizations reduce their monetary and legal risks.

Using Internal Controls to Reduce Risk

Internal checks and balances support the accumulation of accurate transaction data, which is the root of sound company management. Executives and managers need this information for a variety of reasons, including proper management of company resources, overall business efficiency, and fraud prevention.

Our Midtown Manhattan staff has years of expertise working on internal control structures with manufacturers, real estate businesses, transportation providers, and several other industries. We help our clients reduce their risk of fraud, improve productivity, and safeguard both tangible and intangible resources by working with them to evaluate and improve their ability to gather and report data accurately the first time, set and enforce the corporation’s ethics, and monitor these processes.

Compliance Services to Improve Business Operations

We work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate how effective internal controls are with regards to critical business processes. This is especially true when it comes to complying with the laws and city regulations a New York business must follow. We help these organizations establish workflows and checkpoints to ensure compliance at all levels, from the company’s most basic procedure to its most important activities. Specifically, we assist clients by:

  • Documenting existing processes and controls.
  • Evaluating those processes and controls for weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Clarifying needs and suggesting recommendations on how to make necessary improvements.

These compliance assessments, a critical part of internal control evaluations, can serve as validation for organizational leaders that their existing processes are effective. In other situations, we at Melzer & Associates, CPAs, P.C. can suggest improvements in the handling of business activity and assets, thereby reducing the risk of loss due to a failure to follow regulations. 

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