Due Diligence

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Managing Investment Risks in New York City, NY

Whenever a business makes an investment, particularly one in regards to joining or gaining control of another business, the business owner and staff could face several unforeseen hazards. Not only are there significant financial and business risks in these endeavors, but there could also be legal risks as well. Melzer & Associates, CPAs, PC provides due diligence services to New York City, particularly Manhattan and Long Island, in order to help you better plan for risk management.

What Is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is the process by which a business examines the legal, financial, and business risks associated with an investment. Our Manhattan CPAs are significantly experienced in making these assessments, giving you a better understanding with which to invest more successfully.

Whenever your business is about to invest in another business, both the buying and selling party needs to engage in due diligence processes. You need to understand all possible ramifications that could occur as a result of this transaction. In order to completely gain this understanding, you must investigate various sources of information regarding the investment, such as:

·         Financial statements

·         Tax returns

·         Accounts receivable

·         Office and equipment inspections

Leafing through these various clues can be difficult and take a significant amount of time. However, our Manhattan CPAs can help you examine and understand these clues about your proposed investment. We consult with you regarding our findings and answer your questions to improve your decision making capability for continuing with the proposed investment or refrain from further action.

Due Diligence in Action

Due Diligence is an important step in any kind of investment, as it helps protect your business from financially dangerous situations. However, this assessment is crucial to a merger or acquisition.

Buying and selling ownership stakes, as well as combining two businesses into one, is a significant step for your business. Failing to undergo proper due diligence may leave you without the profit, opportunity, or lawful standing your company needs. Our Manhattan CPAs can inspect the various items for review, from tax returns to quality control processes, and determine the risks associated with your mergers and acquisitions deal. Once we have determined these various hazards, we will then advise you on whether they are worth the rewards of joining businesses and, if so, help you prepare for these risks.

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