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New Business Formation in Manhattan, NY

Starting your own business can be a labor-intensive, yet fulfilling process. While new owners have goals in mind for their venture, they may need help taking their ideas from concept to reality. At Melzer & Associates CPA’s, P.C., our experience with the financial realities of business ownership allows us to help Manhattan clients develop a sound foundation for their company. Whether assisting with a detailed start-up plan or advising on common pitfalls, {client name} works to ensure the first steps clients make encourage the long-term stability of their business.

Setting-Up a New Business

Just as Manhattan business owners know the nuances of their industry, our professionals have extensive knowledge of the intricacies behind properly establishing a business. Using a tailored approach, Melzer & Associates first uncovers and clarifies the financial components that support our clients’ marketing and management goals. With these in mind, our professionals provide information on the business structure that best suits our clients’ needs. Additionally, our New York City firm uses these details to help clients prepare a comprehensive business plan that effectively outlines their company’s position for others, including potential investors.

Our Manhattan professionals work with our clients to determine funding needs, such as defining how much and where to obtain the capital to start their business. We also provide clients guidance on creating a reasonable budget to establish appropriate financial habits from the start. In addition to this advice, Melzer & Associates can provide clients with an evaluation of their borrowing capabilities as well as recommendations on preparing for lean financial periods.

Melzer & Associates CPA’s provides services that ensure our clients’ businesses begin compliantly, backed by proven expertise on state and federal regulations. Our professionals will assist with preparing and filing essential paperwork, including licenses and permits required by both local and state law as well as the application to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). In addition, Melzer & Associates offers insight on current employment laws, enabling our clients to stay in compliance and eliminate the risk of penalties.

Professional Recommendations for New Businesses

Beyond helping clients set up their company, Melzer & Associates CPA’s offers a variety of services designed to assist owners and decision makers in tracking and maintaining the long-term financial health of their business. These new business formation services include:

  • Establishing a proper bookkeeping system
  • Implementing billing and collection procedures that maximize cash flow
  • Preparing cash flow projections
  • Advising on methods of effectively monitoring and controlling costs
  • Setting up an appropriate payroll system
  • Assisting with payroll tax filing

In certain circumstances, our Manhattan firm can assist owners with unique, but important concerns, such as identifying business insurance needs and developing an adequate partnership agreement. For more information on the situations that can benefit from our professional recommendations, schedule a consultation with Melzer & Associates.

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Working with our professionals allows new owners to have the tools necessary for a strong, financially responsible start. Contact Melzer & Associates CPA’s, P.C. today to learn more about our new business formation services in Hell’s Kitchen, West Midtown, Manhattan, NYC and surrounding communities. 

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