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Business Consultation in New York, NY

Operating a business in New York City can be challenging, especially if your business has only recently opened its doors. To help your new or smaller business survive and thrive, our accountancy firm offers comprehensive and strategic business consultation. Melzer & Associates, CPA’s, PC can help the businesses across New York City, including Manhattan and Long Island, through our personalized business consulting services. 

Establishing Your Start-Up

Starting a new business alone can be difficult. If you are not aware or wholly familiar with the laws and regulations pertinent to your specific industry, such as real estate or technology, new business owners can find themselves struggling to keep their business afloat before they’ve had the opportunity to make a profit. 

Our New York accountants can help clients avoid these situations through our small business outreach committee. 

Our committee serves to educate small and starting businesses on the various tax and accounting issues that they are likely to face. During the seminars we host, our experienced professionals can help you improve your business strategy, identify tax and business management laws that may apply to you, and offer overall advice on successfully starting and running your own company. Many of our consistent start-up clients were helped significantly by these seminars, and we hope that our committee can similarly serve your new business’ unique needs.

Convenient Consultation

Receiving business management support is simple with our New York accountants. At Melzer & Associates, CPA’s, PC, we strive to make it as easy as possible to receive consulting support when you need it. 

One of the conveniences we offer is the client portal. Operated through our website, this secure portal is used to digitally send large data and sensitive financial information easily and safely.  Clients have immediate access to important resources whenever needed and are able to contact our professionals whenever necessary. 

As a new business owner, we understand that scheduling out time to meet with your business consultant can be difficult. Our associates strive to make meetings as simple as possible and schedule them based on what works best for you. While we highly recommend that new clients visit our New York City firm for their initial consultation, our business consultants are able to meet you at your place of business after this first visit. 

Additionally, we strive to meet your convenience when discussing tax and accounting necessities is through our billing process. Billing by the hour is a methodology of the past, and most likely will not meet your personal needs. The cost of services rendered by our New York accountants are honest, simple fees for the consultation. This allows your business to receive our services without having to watch a clock or rush through any questions you may have.

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Melzer & Associates, CPA’s, PC offers business consultation throughout New York City, particularly Long Island and Manhattan. To learn more about our business consulting team and business startup services, call us today.