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Tax and Business Help in New York

Taxes and accounting can be difficult to manage properly. With help from a financial professional, however, managing these functions can become much easier. Melzer & Associates, CPAs, P.C. helps individuals and small business owners in New York City, including Manhattan and Long Island, through comprehensive business services.


Melzer & Associates, CPAs, PC is home to experienced professionals whose history in accounting speaks for itself. We promote top-notch results by having multiple accountants review each service rendered.

Business tax support is one of our key specialties. With sizeable experience across multiple industries, we can help your company avoid penalties and take advantage of available tax deductions. Once your company’s tax return is prepared, our Manhattan CPAs can help you start planning for the next season with proactive, proven strategies.

We also aid you in business management. Many of the services we use to help companies thrive are:


We know your time is valuable. Melzer & Associates, CPA's, P.C. strive to make each engagement as convenient as possible.

Our firm’s office is only one block away from Penn Station. Even out-of-state clients can easily visit us via public transportation. Additionally, we provide all consultations either at our location or yours, depending on whichever best meets your schedule. If you are local and cannot get out of the office to see us, we will come to see you.


Melzer & Associates, CPAs, PC offers professional tax and business accounting support to Manhattan, Long Island, and the rest of New York City. To learn more about our firm, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.

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